Topdeck Trip – Summer Fun & Sailing

Topdeck trip – Summer fun & Sailing

by Sarah Hay-Hendry

In July 2010 I embarked on a 2 month trip to Europe, as a part of this trip my boyfriend and I did a fantastic Topdeck trip “Summer Fun & Sailing”.

One of the most interesting things we did was man our own 6 person sailboats in Greece around the island of Corfu. Sailing during the day to different beaches in the area and sleeping on the boats at night! No sailing experience is necessary as there is an experienced guide that joined us and gave us all the details on how to operate the boats before you set sail.

The guide then comes with you on the main sailboat that we would follow with our sailboats. This really was a highlight and an unforgettable experience – a really unique way to experience Greece!

I would recommend Topdeck for touring options for young people aged 18-35yrs; the tour was very comprehensive our tour guide was very knowledgeable it was a really fun and exciting way to experience Europe and make new friends.

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